The history of Lødingen Skyssbåtservice

The adventure of Lødingen Skyssbåtservice AS started in year 2000, when Torbjørn startet going with the local boat Trygg between Øksneshamn-Svartskard-Kvannkjosen.
Since the start in year 2000 with one employee and boat capacity of 15 people, a lot has happened.

Lødingen Skyssbåtservice AS was established 27th of July 2000, by Heidi and Torbjørn Rinø. 

In 2003, the local boat rout was expanded, and a new, bigger boat was bough. The local rout was expanded. Now the passengers also could travel to Lofoten. With capacity of 32 passengers and with three employees, Lødingen Skyssbåtservice was a growing company.

In 2004, we expanded again. The boat MS Rinø started to go in Beiarfjorden, where our captain Ole transported schoolchildren for 7 years, until the rout was disused. In this period, Lødingen Skyssbåtservice served the boat rout between Narvik and Svolvær from 2005 until Lofast was opened in 2007. 

In 2016, it was time to expand again. In May this year, MS Alba, a catamaran was bought. Alba has capacity to transport 98 passengers and was earlier engaged by Hurtigruten from June to August for trips to the glacier Svartisen. Now Alba is used in charter traffic where we can offer trips to magnificent Trollfjord, Svolvær/Narvik and more. All year, the boat is available for transportation and experiences for both businesses and private groups.

Spring 2016, it was decided that Lødingen Skyssbåtservice AS would continue to serve the local rout between Øksfjorden and Lofoten/Svolvær from 2017. New regulations lead to expansions, and in September MS Svellingen was added to our fleet to be used as a standby boat. MS Svellingen takes 45 passengers and is available for rent during the whole year where we offer aurora cruises, fishing trips among others. 

In May 2017 we expand again this time with a charming old lady called "Lofotferry". This boat in cooperation with our partner XXLofoten. We take tourists from all over the world and give them tons of charm in spectacular surroundings. This is really a boat with soul. We have had weddings, birthday celebration, family trips, business trips and more. Always with a great outcome.

With new projects and boats comes more employees. Our newest investment was MS Meløytind that was on a contract 2017/2018 in Nordfolda, Hamarøy.  Now it`s serving the rout between Svolvær/Narvik from 1st of June 2019. Projects are waiting in line, during the years we have made a lot of new and exciting contacts within transportation and tourism. Lødingen Skyssbåtservice is proud to offer our customers and partners great experiences and transportation that shows our beautiful region from its best side the SEA side! We are proud of our employees that are excelent ambassadors for the company. 

Welcome on board with Lødingen Skyssbåtservice!