In Vesterålen archipelago there is something new around every bend and over every bridge. White sand beaches, sculptural mountain peaks, fjords and endless ocean viws that takes your breath away.

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                         Join us and experience out and about in Vesterålen.

Aquaculture in Vesterålen, visit a real Norwegian fish farm!

Did you now that...

Norway is the world's largest producer of Atlantic salmon, and nearly 14 million people around the world enjoy Norwegian salmon every day!

Akvakultur in Vesterålen is an adventure center for Norwegian aquaculture, where you can get a unique insight into the production of salmon in one of Norway's most beautiful regions. Localized in the little village Blokken in Sortland municipality.


Experience one of the world`s most famous fjord. 3 km long and ONELY 70m in the mouth, Trollfjorden is really worth a visit. The nature here is scary dramatic and breathtaking beautiful and MUST be experienced!

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