Narvik-Svolvær/ Svolvær-Narvik

Experience the best of Ofoten and Lofoten on the seaway between Svolvær and Narvik, two important coast-cities in Northern Norway.Travelling by boat gives you a feeling of the norwegian way, and an insight in how living in the coastal area of Norway has been through the years.

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Whether you start from Svolvær or Narvik, this boattour gives you the highligts of the arctic landscape in Northern Norway. The narrow Raftsundet with its varied wildlife, Trollfjorden with its steep walls and narrow entrance, old fishingvillages and Lofoten from the seaside are just a few of the things that you get to see.
We go through Svellingsflaket, a protected landscapearea with as many islands as there are days in the year, where the Norwegian Viking chief buried an old treasure on one of the islands..

The tour takes 5 hours including a visit to Trollfjorden. Without Trollfjorden, the transportationtime is 3,5 hours. During the summerseason you can experience the midnight sun, whilst the winter season offers spectacular colors and northern lights.

From 2020 this tour has no scheduled departures but is possible to book for groups. For prices, availability and possibilities, please contact us on booking@lsbs.no.

Enjoy the sea, the silence and the colours!

Welcome on board!