Join us an experience aquaculture in the heart of Vesterålen and Lofoten.

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2018-12-1011:20 Admin

Norway is the world's largest producer of Atlantic salmon, and nearly 14 million people around the world enjoy Norwegian salmon every day! Aquaculture in Vesterålen is an adventure center for Norwegian aquaculture, where you can get a unique insight into the production of salmon in one of Norway's most beautiful regions.

Take an out-of-the-ordinary boat trip from Stokmarknes to Kabelvåg, through some of Norway’s most beautiful fjords and learn more about Norway’s fisheries and aquaculture – from the pioneer era to today’s high tech operations.

 On this trip your will visit an experience center for Aquaculture and a real Norwegian fish farm, sail through Trollfjorden and visit The Lofoten Aquarium to learn more about the Vesterålen/Lofoten fisheries. And, all this can be experienced under the beautiful Northern Lights!

Visit a real Norwegian fish farm, experience magnificent Trollfjorden,Lofoten Aquarium and more …